The Phoenix Protocol

Dry Fasting for Rapid Healing and Radial Life Extension

The Phoenix Protocol is a comprehensive analysis and recommended application of therapeutic dry fasting – the first book of its kind to introduce the work of the two Russian doctors who perfected and patented it. August Dunning has taken the science of dry fasting in a direction that no one has ever thought possible. The Phoenix Protocol reveals a logical way to restore youth and dramatically extend lifespan by at least 25 years. It’s the only book that scientifically describes the biological changes during a therapeutic dry fast. Drawing on the scientific literature that supports the premise, the book clearly explains how to heal illness and radically extend lifespan and maybe even more than that!

The Phoenix Protocol uses dry fasting for its predictable metabolic changes that occur during the transition from glycolysis into ketosis to initiate a more aggressive state of autophagy; a deeper state of cellular correction that cannot be achieved by the nightly period of repair during sleep. More importantly the book reveals a capability that has been unrecognized; a way to activate your own stem cells into replication. This book provides a means for a full body rejuvenation that no individual therapy currently available can achieve and has the potential to make your cells and body too young to die from old age. Today stem cell therapy is the buzzword in the anti-aging arena but it requires a costly investment. The Phoenix Protocol offers an alternative plan to activate and proliferate your own endogenous stem cells and it’s a lot cheaper…It’s free!

The author:
August Dunning is a former NASA Space Station scientist and a chemical and electric space propulsion designer at Pratt and Whitney Space Propulsion. He is currently a researcher at Caltech in amorphous metallic glass composites and Mars mission planning to develop ways to protect astronauts during interplanetary from space radiation. His interest in dry fasting was spurred by its ability to restore and regenerate neural tissue after exposure to radiation. His research revealed much, much more.