Functional Immortality

Neogenesis is an ongoing experiment to turn back time, both genetically and physically, by restoring youthful metabolism during adulthood. It's the second book on radical life extension, the first was the Phoenix Protocol; a method of activating a system wide endogenous stem cell regeneration to repair and restore age-damaged tissue. Neogenesis describes a way to activate our two basic endogenous regeneration cycles to attain a physical condition that neither can be achieved in and of themselves. Neogenesis focuses on the human body interlaced 4 body protein system and its requirements for maintaining muscle mass and bone density for an extended life span by introducing a method that only takes 3 minutes per day - The Three-Minute Workout. We as a species have never been in the position to live during our adult years without the ever- increasing level of toxic debris that causes chronic low-grade inflammation that reduces cellular and system functionality. Together both books deal with cellular restoration by detoxification and improving system integrity for increased durability. The underlying premise is that aging is a matter of user error; and that aging can be significantly reduced if not stopped altogether by knowing how and when to activate the two endogenous regeneration cycles.

The author:
August Dunning is a former NASA Space Station Ops system engineer and a chemical and electric space propulsion system designer at Pratt and Whitney Space Propulsion. He is currently a researcher at Caltech in amorphous metallic glass composites and Mars mission planning to develop ways to protect astronauts during interplanetary travel from space radiation. His interest in dry fasting was spurred by its ability to restore and regenerate neural tissue after exposure to radiation. His research has revealed much, much more.