Stem Cells

Stem cells are cells that have the potential to develop into various types of mature tissue cells. Adult stem cells exist naturally in many adult organs in what are called ‘niches.’ The interest in stem cells is because they have the potential for use in disease treatment and restoring damaged tissue. While most stem cell therapy is focused on costly transplantation of stem cells from donors, our research is focused on stimulating the proliferation of of your own stem cells for their unique genetic match and effectiveness in reversing aging. Nutritional supplements have been studied and proven to promote the growth of human stem cells into progenitor cells in the stem cell niches. It’s now been proven that a combination of several natural compounds have a dose related effect on the proliferation of human bone marrow stem cells. The combination of Blueberry, Green Tea, L-Carnosine and Vitamin D3 was shown to produce a synergistic effect that promotes proliferation of human hematopoietic progenitors; bone marrow stem cells.*

Stem Cell Re-Gen - Stimulates Immune System Regeneration

Stem Cell Re-Gen is a complex of these nutraceuticals that are proven to have a potent synergistic effect on the proliferation of bone marrow stem cells and produce up to a 70% increase of stem cell regeneration in bone marrow. These powerful nutraceuticals acts on longevity pathways to support adult stem cells in stem cell niches and with the addition of Spirulina this combination of ingredients protects neural stem cells and newly proliferated stem cell mitochondria.* Stem Cell Re-Gen is the key stone for accurate stem cell tissue remodeling because it stimulates bone marrow to create new immune cells. Immune system cells are essential for guiding stem cells to specific locations during tissue restoration. Stem Cell Re-Gen thereby supports all the 220 different types of stem cells in all their niches.*
Therapeutic Dose

Stem Cell Re-Gen is excipient free and comes in 60 veggie caps for 30 servings.

60 capsules